Volunteer Opportunities

we offer a variety of Volunteer and internship programs through the social-

environmental projects we develop in partnership with local communities.


Improve your Employability

Consolidate your skills and develop a whole range of new ones through direct engagement with sustainable, long-term, community-based projects that are transforming the way people perceive and interact with their social and ecological scenarios.

Deepen your understanding of the relationships between cultural, environmental, social and economic issues, both on a local and global scale.

Global citizenship + intercultural competency + communication + critical

thinking + Adaptability + collaboration + independence + leadership

Volunteering with us also offers you an exciting opportunity to develop your own individual project, obtain professional certifications, join mentorship programs, grow your international professional network, boost your LinkedIn profile and receive reference letters that will certainly help you landing your dream job!

All our projects are managed in a collaborative way and have been carefully designed to foster socio-environmental change, empower young leaders and inspire volunteers and interns to become international agents of socio-environmental justice.


Make a positive impact


Volunteer and Internship differences

  1. Interns usually receive university credits for working with us

  2. We complete university documents and evaluations, offering bi-weekly supervisions

  3. Interns are more likely to coordinate rather than support a project 


The Volunteer Contribution

Like most leading NGO's around the world, we do ask for a financial contribution from our volunteers. This source of income is extremely important for our organization since we do not receive any kind of public funding. Thus, your contribution helps covering project expenses, field operations, administration fees and all the benefits and full-time support you will receive form our staff, such as:

+ Pre-departure orientation + bike-tour of itacaré + introduction to

your project + strategy meetings + mentorship + ongoing supervision +

24h emergency assistance + detailed reference letter + certificate of completion

We have created a system through which the longer you stay, the less you pay. For example, if you are staying for 6 months, you will be contributing with less than U$10 per day! Here is our current price list:

1 month - $405

2 months - $375/month

3 months - $345/month

4 months - $315/month

5 months - $285/month

6 months - $255/month

Volunteers and interns interested in VOLUNTEERING/INTERNING FOR longer than 6 months will only have to pay for the INITIAL 6 months period. Any additional month will be free of charge.

To reserve your volunteer or internship placement we require:

  • A 20% non-refundable deposit, which goes towards the total cost of your volunteer contribution;

  • A one-time, non-refundable administration fee of $76 to cover your legal paperwork;

  • Transfer from Ilhéus airport (2 hours away), if required: $53

  • Those wishing to stay at our Volunteer House must also pay a $250 deposit which will be refunded at the end of your placement, provided all the rental conditions stated in the 2019 Accommodation Agreement are met.

Low income students or graduates who are able to volunteer with us for at least 4 months are welcome to apply for a G R A N T offered by ETIV, which would completely waive the Volunteer Contribution. The administration fee, however, is not waived under any circumstances, and every volunteer or intern is responsible for covering their own food, transportation and housing expenses.

Additionally, we do not provide health insurance. Although medical services can be found for free in the local public hospital, we highly recommend having an international travel insurance to cover you at a better, private clinic in case of a more serious emergency.

Prices may be changed at any time without further notice.


How we spend your money

We are proud to have created a sustainable management system that allows us to spend over 67% of our funds directly on our projects. The remaining 33% covers staff; volunteer related costs; grants we offer to low income, long-term volunteers; marketing strategies; finances and re-investment in the organization. We take your volunteer contribution very seriously and we make sure it is responsibly used towards our projects and fundamental goals.


We ensure that each applicant, volunteer and intern receives unparalleled support from the moment they get in touch, all the way through their journey with us, and afterwards too!

We support you!


Interested in Surf Lessons, Portuguese Classes, Eco Tours, Capoeira and more?


Ready to be part of the ETIV family?

Check out our projects and find the one that best suits your interests!


GAP Year Brazil - Peru

How about spending half the year volunteering in Peru, and the other half in Brazil? Make the most out of your GAP Year with this amazing opportunity to discover and make a positive impact in two completely different, yet both fascinating, cultures in South America! LEARN MORE!