University Partnerships

as part of our efforts to further increase our impact and promote an academic exchange of

ideas that can foster social-environmental change, we have developed a university

outreach program through which we can collaborate with higher education institutions

on a few different areas.

ETIV do Brasil - Volunteer in Brazil - Volunteerin in Latin America - Education

We believe that it is very important for Universities and NGOs to work more closely together to combine education and experience as a means of developing more skilled, culturally competent and socially responsible world citizens. An exchange of ideas in different cultural, social, economic and environmental scenarios can also lead to the progress of science and the answers it can creates to tackle our most pressing issues.

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In times when racism and ultranationalism are on the rise, it is also critical to demonstrate the ways that diversity and multiculturalism can break down barriers, expand limited perceptions and promote peace, acceptance and integration in our societies. Our partnership model is based on collaborative approaches and win-win strategies that simultaneously benefits all actors involved.

The United Nations, on its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, has concluded that partnerships are absolutely crucial to the construction of societies based on the values of sustainable development.

ETIV do Brasil - Volunteer - Volunteering in Latin America - Volunteering in Brazil - Itacaré - Bahia - Brazil


ETIV do Brasil welcomes students, interns and academics interested in conducting research about local social-environmental issues, especially within and through our local community projects, such as environmental conservation, literacy, women's empowerment, community organizing, Afro-Brazilian culture, international cooperation and more.

We believe that by working together not only the researcher can benefit from our structure and closer access to the community, but we also gain from their findings, which can serve to guide us to both improve our current projects or even develop new ones.

joint projects

ETIV do Brasil is also open to the possibility of developing joint projects with researchers and/or higher education institutions, as long as their execution is within our institutional capabilities, and they prove to be beneficial to the communities we work with.

The areas for potential collaboration are vast and diverse, including topics such as environmental conservation of mangroves and Atlantic rainforest; impacts of global warming on the local environment; women's empowerment; literacy; education through arts; music; sports; English as a second language; international cooperation and more.

Drone view of mangroves in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil (ETIV do Brasil)

ETIV do Brasil - Volunteer - Volunteering in Latin America - Volunteering in Brazil - Itacaré - Bahia - Brazil

volunteering and internship

We welcome students interested in consolidating and expanding their skills while also contributing to the development and sustainability of our projects. Although we do believe a long-term experience is more beneficial to everyone involved (3 to 6 months, or more), we do accept those who can stay for a minimum of one month.

Most interns are eligible to receive university credit for their work with us, and many of our positions can also be done remotely. We also offer Winter/Summer break programs, as well as the ETIV GAP Year.


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