Teaching English



Our English program is one of the most important we have. Tourism is the main economic sector in Itacaré so by offering free classes to children and teenagers coming from mainly low-income neighborhoods, we significantly increase their chances of finding better work with higher salaries.

While wealthier families are able to send their kids to private English schools, children from the underprivileged communities in Itacaré would not have this opportunity were it not for the free English program we have been running for the past 3 years. Therefore, our English program goes beyond than just teaching another language; it is literally a tool of empowerment that does change lives and help promote social justice.


Our English Program aligns with two of the 17 goals that the United Nations has adopted on its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Click on each image above to learn more.

We always incorporate arts into our curriculum and activities, as they help developing critical and creative thinking. They also enhance performance in non-arts academic subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and writing; and strengthen students’ academic motivation, self-confidence, and ability to communicate and co-operate effectively.

We have two positions available within our English department.



English Program Coordinator (EPC)

English Teacher Volunteer (ETV)

The English Program Coordinator (EPC) will be responsible for further developing our curriculum, developing new lessons plans, incorporating fun and interactive activities, and teaching classes to students with a variety of learning skills.

In addition, the English Coordinator is also in charge of managing the entire English program, as well as supervising and supporting any other English Teacher Volunteer (ETV) that may also be collaborating with us. The coordinator is also expected to continuously improve upon the structure, goals and outcomes of the program, which means that this position offers a great deal of freedom to incorporate new, fun and innovative ways of teaching.

English Teacher Volunteer (ETV) receive support from the English Program Coordinator (EPC) and/or from an ETIV staff member (Director or Operations Manager) if a coordinator is not available at the time. While we welcome anyone interested in helping us with the English classes, we do prefer volunteers who have teaching certificates and/or previous teaching experience.

Main Responsibilities

  • The English Program Coordinator (EPC) must continue to further develop our curriculum; plan and create our weekly lesson plans; and attend, supervise and/or facilitate our English classes;

  • The EPC must also supervise, support and facilitate the work of the English Teacher Volunteer (ETV);

  • The EPC is responsible for registering new students, taking attendance, evaluating progress and maintaining our English program database up to date and organized;

  • The EPC must keep the English materials organized and always put them away after every class;

  • The EPC must lead the development of at least one local fundraiser event to help raise funds for the English Program budget and/or apply for at least one grant aiming at that same goal;

  • The EPC is in charge of recruiting more students to the classes, and he/she must build positive relationships with the families so we can improve the student's attendance and overall learning development;

  • The EPC must set up Skype meetings with incoming coordinators and/or volunteers in order to prepare them for their work with ETIV;

  • The ETV must prepare and teach English classes to children, youth and sometimes adults as well, following the guidance of the EPC and according to our curriculum;

  • The ETV must prepare the weekly lessons plans including fun games, songs and any sort of activity that improves student engagement and promote their curiosity and interest in the language;

  • The ETV must register new students, keep the attendance cards updated and always register every aspect of the program in our database;

  • The ETV must support the EPC with any extra events/activities related to the program, such as fundraising, registration events, etc.

  • The ETV must also help recruiting more students and building/keeping a positive and inclusive relationship with their families;

  • The EPC and the ETV must always incorporate arts into the curriculum and activities they develop (drawing, painting, playing an instrument, cooking and etc.);

  • Both the EPC and the ETV must use their classes as an opportunity to teach the students about ETIV's core values, as well as about the ideals of social-environmental justice, compassion and empathy.


  • Volunteers/interns must be at least 18 years or older;

  • English Program Coordinator (EPC): Fluency in English, and Intermediate to Advanced Portuguese;

  • We give preference to EPCs who can commit to at least 3 months (ideally 6 months);

  • EPCs must have strong leadership, social, communication and organizational skills;

  • English Teacher Volunteers (ETV) must commit to at least 1 full month;

  • Both EPC and ETV must show patience, flexibility and punctuality;

  • EPCs are required to work a minimum of 25 hours/week, while ETVs work 20 hours/week;

  • English teaching certificates and/or previous teaching experience are highly desirable for both positions;

  • All volunteers and interns must agree to and sign our Volunteer Contract before arriving, as well as sign their rental agreement if staying at our Volunteer House;

Bernardo Salce