Our Impact

since we started operating in october 2015 we’ve been able to make a tremendous

positive impact in our community while also offering volunteers and interns the

opportunity to develop their careers through a hands-on experience with an

international in a developing country.

Over the course of the last three years ETIV do Brasil has managed to grow and mature as an organization while also fostering positive environmental and social change in our community. Through our youth development initiatives, we have empowered more than 350 children and teenagers with our English and swimming classes, LitClubs and participative, non-formal environmental education program.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

We have also been able to contribute to the conservation and reforestation of mangroves by planting more than 1,400 seeds as part of our efforts to promote sustainable development in Itacaré. So far, more than 70 national and international volunteers have participated in our volunteer and internship opportunities, offering a vital support to our organization with their skills and expertise, while also developing their careers and directly contributing to the improvement of life in Passagem, the neighborhood in Itacaré where we are located and develop most of our projects.

Portrait of a boy at the beach in Itacaré, home-base of ETIV do Brasil - Volunteer in Bahia

We are humbled and proud to say that ETIV do Brasil has played a fundamental role in the professional advancement of our former interns and volunteers. Not only they have able to grow as individuals, consolidate and expand their skills set, but in some cases they have even re-discovered themselves and reoriented their entire career path. It is also not rare for us to hear that their experience with ETIV do Brasil was crucial to boost their resume and help them finding their dreams jobs.

We strive to positively change the life of those who stay (our community), but we also want to help those who come and go (volunteers/interns).

In 2018 we were able to build our Learning Space in the Volunteer House, which opened it up to our community and transformed it almost into a cultural center where we hold not only the vast majority of our classes, but also social gatherings and educational/cultural events for our students and their parents.

We have so far been able to establish and maintain successful partnerships and cooperations with more than 25 local and international organizations, which has been fundamental to the success of our projects and sustainability of our organization as a whole. In 2018 we began with our University Outreach Program, which aims to connect us with universities worldwide through research, evaluation and joint project development possibilities.

Here at ETIV do Brasil we are always looking to develop projects and partnerships that can solidify and expand our impact, bringing positive change to our communities while also allowing volunteers and interns to grow as individuals and advance their careers.

We believe that it's only when we work together - with volunteers, interns, partners and our communities - that we can build a more just society with better opportunities for all, based on values such as empathy, peace, sustainability and respect for all forms of life.