Eco-Adventure Tours

 Drone view of fishing boats in Itacaré, where ETIV do Brasil - Volunteer in Brazil is located

explore the many natural beauties and adventures itacaré has to offer!

ETIV do Brasil has partnered with local leading tour Brazil Supremo Turismo to offer our volunteers and interns the best tours with the best prices!

 Drone view of Jeribucaçu, a stunning beach outside Itacaré (ETIV do Brasil)

The tours include white water rafting; hikes through the Atlantic rainforest until secluded, unspoiled beaches; whale watching trips; boat tours; snorkeling; visits to cacao farms; waterfalls adventures; sea and river kayaking; surfing and much more!

There won't be shortage of adventures, activities and places for you to explore on your free time; in fact, the challenge will be to have time for everything Itacaré and region have to offer you!

 Drone view of a couple doing snorkeling in Marau, just an hour away from Itacaré, Bahia - Brazil

And if you are into photography, our Operations Manager Bernardo Salce, who is also a world renowned photographer (, can offer photo tours and workshops at very special rates, so you can go back home with pictures that make justice to the natural and cultural beauty of Itacaré!

Book your volunteering now and have an experience of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful places of Brazil!