Resende Beach: more than 100 people occupy the new construction site

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“A Resende é nossa! ”

This morning, the rain did not prevent local families from standing up against Resende’s new restaurant project. For the second day, residents of Itacare stood together to stop the workers and occupy the construction site in an attempt to slow down what would be the deterioration of one of the last untouched beach of the city. 

Citizens are concerned about the impacts of urbanization and the effects of tourism-related pollution on the environment. We could read “Tires as construções das nossas praias” and “Resende preservada” on placards held by people chanting together and letting their voices be heard for the preservation of their local beach. By making noise and disturbing the worksite, people hoped to prevent negative impacts like the disturbance of the local fauna, social division of classes, defacement of the natural scenery, waste products and marine water pollution.

As seen on the petition website, Resende was defined as a landscape heritage of Itacaré  twenty years ago, with access to all, free of constructions and access limitations. The ongoing 90m2 restaurant project threatens what has been a visually protected area of the city. 

Close to 2000 people have already signed the online petition in a hopeful attempt to protect Resente beach. Anyone can help preserve Itacare’s nature by joining the movement #ARESENDEENOSSA.

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Mélanie Tremblay and Cédéric Dumais

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