Deforestation... Taking our breath away

Deforestation taking our breath away

Everybody does it, its vital to life as we know it, it gives us energy and we don’t even know we are doing it, breathing.  We do this so unconsciously taking 12 – 16 breaths a minuet.  What we are doing very consciously is destroying our forest at an alarming rate.  Since 1950 Madagascar has lost 90% of there forest and only 1% of the remaining forest is in good condition, we have destroyed something that took millions of years to make in 60 years, this is not sustainable. Tree’s have given life to this planet lets respect that and protect this amazing wild space.


So we know that there is a problem but why should we care or make a conscious decision to change.  Mother nature that’s why, no matter what you think or believe in, mother nature doesn’t care and will continue to push back against human destruction and encroachment.  You can already see the effects of what’s happening and will continue to get worse, stronger hurricanes, record breaking temperatures all round the world, the forest of the worlds ablaze and shockingly the artic is on fire for the first time in recorded history.  We now only have 0.5 of a degree left out of the 1.5 that scientist say when things will get really bad.  Our governments know this and do nothing so what can we do as individuals. 



Scientist have said that we need to reforest the world to help prevent climate change at a dramatic level Tree’s and other vegetation are natural carbon sinks that helps keep our climate at safe levels.   It is a daunting task but a task that can and needs to be done, and some people have started this at a dramatic levels.  800,000 volunteers in India smashed the previous record for tree’s planted in a day by Pakistan of 847,275 by planting 50 million.  This is incredible but more needs to be done we can not rest on our laurels and wait for someone els to help.  As individual we can all make a difference, if you have garden plant some tree’s and create some wild space a pond is a great way to start.  Not only is deforestation affecting our climate but also destroying whole ecosystems and scientist paved over your garden you can plant flowers/a small tree bush in a pot or if you have no outside space then house plants are a great way to boost mental wellbeing and cleaning the air inside your home, and each plant is helping remove carbon from the atmosphere.  If you want to get more hands on and meet some amazing people, then find a local wildlife or conservation charity there are plenty out there form planting tree’s to campaign to save local wildlife space in your local area and further abroad. 



Doing some conservation volunteering will help with one of the other effect’s of deforestation us entering the 6th mass extinction that is accruing.  This might not be visible  on your day to day life’s and is not in the main news but its still something that needs to be thought about.  Imagine a giant Jenga game each block is a different species the game will go on if you start taking the blocks out but we all know at some point its going to tumble to the ground.  The current extension rate is 1000 times higher than natural background rates. They also predict that future rates may be as much as 10,000 times higher.  As said before there are plenty of  charities out there that are fighting against this loss, that how is got started and have meet so many amazing and different people on my journey to doing my part.

An Orchid Bee

An Orchid Bee

Leafy seadragon

Leafy seadragon

     Let not lose these amazing creatures, what will our world be like if only humans and their life stock roamed this planet.

An eve easier way to help is to do some research in the internet, it sounds wired but about 8 years ago I found out about a great company ecosia who do exactly the same thing as all the other search engines but unlike one, Google who try their best to avoid paying their fair share of taxes In the UK, Google only paid £11.6 million despite making a £5.5 billion profit channelling its profits through Ireland to Bermuda where no taxes are levied.  Well below the 1,1 billion it should of paid.  On the other hand, Ecosia spend 80% of their profits on re planting tree’s. 


Here is also a link for signing petition a way to give millions of people a voice to be heard together, so easy and definitely worth every click.




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