A day on Jeribucaçu Beach

A day in Jeribuaçu from the perspective of our past volunteer Elsa Delorme.

In one month living in Itacaré and working at ETIV, I had the opportunity to observe pretty beaches... with their stretches of sand color gold, facing a rough sea where many surfers practice during hours. Each time, these landscapes fascinates me.

I would not have imagined that about 10 km from the seaside resort hid a corner of paradise like I had never seen before. On the advice of Aline, the volunteers coordinator, we got up early that morning to visit Jeribucasu. We took the bus then walked an hour through the forest. Going to paradise, it is something you have to work for !

The arrival on the beach blew us away. It was deserted. The sand was white and the coconut trees numerous... A real postcard decor! The authenticity of the landscape moved me. We scattered paréos and towels on the sand, taking care to position ourselves half-shade half-sun. Then we threw ourselves into this turquoise ocean. In some places the current was strong but it absolutely did not demotivated us, especially in water at 27 degrees!

While some were having fun in the waves, others were busy cutting coconuts that had fallen directly from their trees. Awesome!  But the coconut does not feed and at lunch, we decided to sit in the small wooden hut at the entrance to the beach. The waiter offered us fresh shrimps or white fish. We chose shrimp accompanied by a delicious caipirinha. Fantastic!

Around 15h, Aline proposed a walk through the jungle to discover waterfalls. Two young Brazilian brothers met on the beach, no older than 12 years old, volunteered to play the guides. And here we go first through the mangrove, tongues in hand and backpack well hung, to slip slowly into the Brazilian jungle. After an hour of walking, we finally arrived in front of the falls. The water was cool but after the little treck it was a real pleasure to cool off. What a beautiful time and what a great day!

We take the bus around 17h, the sun is already setting. The bus was quiet and we, happy with these past moments. This day will remain a wonderful memory.

Written by: Elsa Delorme from France. Elsa was with us during June and July of 2019 helping us with the Marketing and also giving French classes.

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