ETIV visit to the local dump. Rubbish, Homes, People

On the 15th of August, ETIV staff and volunteers participated of the social action leaded by Cristiane Herculian in Itacaré’s lixão. Several food boxes were distributed to the garbage pickers (catadores) in the Itacaré’s dumping ground, giving us also the opportunity to meet their reality closely!

One of many homes inside the lixon

One of many homes inside the lixon

Unfortunately, in Brazil there are still a lot of ‘lixões’ and the process to turn it into landfill is happening slowly in the country. Therefore, especially in small town, lixões are still the only place where all the trash goes. Recycling, on the other hand, is one step forward and some companies are able to collect material to recycle even though most of the towns don’t have a proper separation and collection of such materials, thankfully to the work of thousands of catadores. They do the work that all the citizens and the government are responsible of doing: separating, collecting and sending the recycling materials to the industry. The catadores are truly environmental heroes!

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In the last visit, ETIV staff and volunteers had the opportunity to talk with some catadores and collect their impressions and recommendations. We are planning a new visit to record more interviews and bring this reality to our children! We just can care about what we know!

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