Developing soft skills and work engagement through a volunteering experience

At ETIV do Brasil we strive to make your volunteering experience as meaningful and fruitful as possible.

As much as we want to make a positive impact in the community of Itacaré and help fostering social-environmental change, it is also our mission to create the right structure for volunteers and interns to develop their skills and, as a result, improve their employability in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Most workers now hold jobs that are complex, interconnected and knowledge-based. That requires emotional and social intelligence, knowledge about a variety of topics and adaptability. Greater psychological resources and soft skills are thus absolutely important not only to find jobs but also to remain fulfilled and engaged in the working environment.

That is one the reasons why we believe a volunteering or internship placement with ETIV do Brasil can be so important to your career and professional endeavours.

By volunteering/interning with us - a small and local NGO working with people from all over the world, in a developing social-environmental scenario -, you will be able to learn, expand and develop a wide range of skills such as:

  • Adaptability: to the Brazilian culture, living in an marginalized socio-economic community with multiple social and economic issues, sharing a home with interns and volunteers from all over the world and working with a small, hands-on NGO facing diverse cultural and political challenges.

  • Artistic Sense/Creativity: arts are a central component of all our education programs.

  • Resourcefulness: by giving volunteers and inters the space to contribute in different areas of the organization it allows everyone to be a natural asset by natural collaboration.

  • Listening: we value horizontal management that welcomes and values the participation of all team members.

  • Nonverbal Communication: through the interaction of international volunteers/ interns with local community members and students during classes.

  • Presentation: prepare appealing and eye catching material to be taught to students, presentation to local community members and policymakers.

  • Public Speaking: teaching classes, participation in staff meetings, discussions with local leaders, community leaders and policymakers.

  • Storytelling: creative and participatory teaching methodologies, production of stories for marketing and social media.

  • Writing reports and proposals: weekly status reports, on and off boarding process manuals for environmental and english classes, content for social media and any information regarding our programs or projects.

  • Critical Observer: we are a small, growing organization that values constructive feedback and the active participation and input of all current and past interns/volunteers.

  • Critical Thinking: connected to the previous item above, we ask volunteers and interns to be critical about their personal experience but also about our organization, while giving solutions and steps to improve the service provided to the community and volunteer/ interns.

  • Desire To Learn: by inviting volunteers/ interns to actively participate we hope to promote a culture of permanent continuous learning.

  • Innovative: teaching methods have to be creative to catch our students attention; responses to the challenges faced by our community.

  • Research: volunteers and interns have autonomy to design and create their own teaching material as well as to further develop our current curriculums and programs.

  • Conflict Resolution: living in a communal house with volunteers and interns from different backgrounds. Working and adapting to the local rules and traditions.

  • Leadership: we invite volunteers to take the lead in the departments that they come to work in by providing project development, constructive feedback, organizing and maintaining team accountability.

  • Managing Remote/Virtual Teams: coordinating work with volunteers working remotely.

  • Collaboration: team work is essential to creating curriculum, teaching and providing solutions for a small NGO working with limited staff and resources.

  • Respectfulness: to local community culture and customs, and also towards each others vision of the world.

  • Empathy: the foundation of our organization.


The soft skills listed above are just some of the ones volunteers and interns can develop during their placement with us. We hope and go the extra mile to make sure volunteers and interns experience personal growth and develop a solid set of both hard and soft skills while they are collaborating with us.

A volunteering/internship placement with ETIV can certainly be the first step towards your dream job.

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Words by: Bernardo Salce (Operations Manager) / Alejandra Belalcazar (Environmental Program Manager)