Help us organize the first Earth Day in Itacaré!

Earth Day.

That’s standing up for our mother Earth. That’s protecting our species. That’s ending plastic pollution. That’s environmental education. That’s reforestation. That’s acting! All year round. And that’s what ETIV does!

Living in Passagem, in Itacaré, makes you an expert in experiencing environmental changes. But it’s not fair to be an expert in this, you’re not the lucky one to be this expert. No one should be a first-line expert in the effects of environmental changes. On a daily base ETIV tries to make small victories on these problems.

Earth Day.

Birthday. April 22 is the international day we celebrate our Earth. And that’s what ETIV will do (a little later) on the 27th of April. Together with the neighborhood, together with strong voices out of Itacaré, together with children, will we organize an event.

An event to celebrate the natural beauty we can enjoy on a daily base (Who can say they have a river next to their house to enjoy? We’re the lucky ones!). But this day we will also speak up and identify the painful points (Who can say they have sewage getting in to the river next to their house? Are we still the lucky ones?). Let’s ask for change!

Let’s act! And let’s act together! The earth is ours. It’s yours, it’s mine, it’s theirs. The effects aren’t shared equally, our responsibility should!

Since ETIV is still an NGO, we are always looking for some support. This day means a lot to us, and we don’t want to let it pass by without letting the world hear our voices. Organizing this event entails some costs. And this is the moment you can help, this is the moment we can share our responsibility.

Even 5 yuan, 1 dollar, 2 euros,… can make a difference and ensure that this day does not pass by unnoticed.

Earth, that’s all of us.

Words by: Liesbeth Coenen