How to live cheaply - and still have fun! - in Itacaré

Olá, galera!

Our German intern Nora Graeve has been with us for a couple of months already and she is a master at spending very little and yet having a lot of fun in and around Itacaré.

Check out below her tips for making the most of your time here without going bankrupt!

Thank you, Nora, for helping out our incoming volunteers!

Being a student with low income and living in Itacaré for six months, I've been trying to find a balance between spending the least money possible and still having an enjoyable time during my stay.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Of course the cheapest way to eat is always cooking yourself. Especially fruits and vegetables are very affordable here. The Saturday market offers loads of those fresh and nutritious goods. But note that you have to go there early in the morning otherwise most of it is already gone.

  • If you're not an early bird there are also the street traders and little fruit and vegetables stores around: I personally always go to Nora Ney which is on the way to Smart supermarket.

  • For a bag full of vegetables and fruits that fill you up for about one week I spend usually R$40.

  • If you don't like cooking, don't have enough time or you're just too lazy, I can recommend the Senzala at the Orla. In that restaurant you fill your plate with all kind of food from the buffet and pay for the weight of your plate. It costs 29.9 R$ per kg. I've never spent more than 17 R$ for a meal.

  • Though I really like going to Espaço Aberto, in the busy and touristy Pituba, the cheaper and more local bars you'll find at the Orla. There you can get a litrão de cerveja (1L beer) for about R$ 6 - 8 reais.

  • For Caipirinha we almost always go to Favela and ask for the “Promoção” which means you get two Caipirinha de limão or melancia for just R$10 instead of R$16.

  • The stand just in front of Praia do Resende gives also a “Promoção” of two Cocos for R$5 instead of R$6.

  • In a lot of restaurants and cloth shops you get a discount if you pay in cash instead of credit or debit card. If it is not already written somewhere just ask for it.


Words by: Nora Graeve