ETIV's Movie Of The Month: Lazzaro Felice

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Continuing with ETIV's Movie Of The Month, we are pleased to share as the movie of February the masterpiece “Lazzaro Felice”, an Italian drama film brilliantly directed by Alice Rohrwacher.

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Lazzaro Felice , awarded with the 2018 Best Screenplay at the prestigious Cannes Festival, tells the story of Lazzaro, a young man living and working with 53 other farmhands on a tobacco farm somewhere in the Italian countryside.

Filled with biblical references, and with a remarkable cinematography, the film is a sensitive and poetic reflection on Capitalism, its deviations and perversities - which are perpetuated through time. The means may change and even become more refined, but the exploitation persists….

In addition to being aesthetically intriguing, the film raises a lot of very important questions about humanity and society these days. Lazzaro, the personification of goodness and innocence, seems always out of place.

Is there, after all, still place for virtue, morality, kindliness and humanity in a society dominated by an endless pursue of money and power?

Watch this wonderful film and make your own conclusions…

The ETIV Team