Let's go to Taipú de Fora...


Let’s go to Taipú de Fora they said.

Whoever thought traveling was about the destination is wrong. It’s all about the journey! And about the guide who takes you with him on this journey! We got it all, Taipú de Fora, the full experience.

6.30. The time our guide would pick us up at the house. 9 minutes later, we hear the bell, he’s there!! With a good morning and a small reminder that he has been outside waiting for 9 minutes. We had an appointment, you know… But ok. Let the field trip begins! Let’s get in the car and go, kids! Getting in the car is our first group activity. (And immediately you can see our guide is not just a regular one, but he has been trained). Without a line up he can order us from small to big. The biggest one in front, the smallest ones in the back. Everyone has her own place! Here we go!

After a while we arrive at our first stop. I don’t remember the name, but I’m gonna call it desert beach. WAUW!! After being a while in Brazil and have been seeing some different beaches, they don’t impress me that much anymore. You know a beach… is a beach. But arriving here, I have to say I was wrong! There are some exceptions on my way of thinking. This place, desert beach, is one of them. When we arrived there we were completely alone, no other person at this beautiful beach, as far as you could look. We enjoyed the beach, the view, the sun.


Until it was 10:30. At the moment when we almost forgot we were on our field trip, our guide reminded us: time to go to our next stop! Because you know, we have to arrive there at 11. Not 11:02. So here we go, to our next beach, where we will be from 11:00 till 13:00. After being there for a while, and enjoying the beach, it’s time to go again. Let’s stick to the schedule. We have to be in time at Taipú de Fora!

Ronan, our  trained  guide and driver.

Ronan, our trained guide and driver.

But before we want to get in the car, it’s time to change positions. The two of us who were in the back, we now have to sit in the middle. It is how it is, no other options available. Luckily none of the smaller people don’t get carsick easily because otherwise his whole system would be turned upside down. Imagine a small person must sit in the front. ERROR.

A little later we arrive at Taipú, where we can snorkel in the natural pool. After having our lunch, we decide to take a little nap, before going snorkeling. When we wake up, our guide appeared again. It’s time to go back home. It’s only 3:30 (exactly). Trying to negotiate, if we could stay a little longer so we could try to spot some fishes, is not an option. Don’t even try. But it’s okay.

Even though I heard a lot of good stuff about this place, I wasn’t impressed that much. And you know, the Queijo Coalho costs 8 Reais for only 1 in here. Let’s go back to Itacaré, where we can have 3 of them for this price. And enjoy our own sunset at the riverside.

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(Beautiful) pictures and words by: Liesbeth Coenen