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Dear friends and supporter of ETIV,

We regret to inform you of a terrible tragedy has recently occurred in Brazil and is now directly affecting Itacaré and our surrounding communities. Beyond the fires and vast destruction of the Amazon forest that many of you may have already witnessed in the news, now over 2,000km of our beautiful coastlines in Brazil have been impacted by a MASSIVE OIL SPILL, and we still do not know the source! Sadly, the petroleum has also begun to wash up onto our shores and beaches in and around our beloved Itacare, while this is one of the worst environmental disasters in Brazil’s history!

ETIV has been working diligently in partnership with the Municipality and several other volunteers to monitor and clean our beaches as soon as the oil slicks arrive to mitigate the damage. Meanwhile, we have also been building barriers to protect the mangroves and our rivers (which include highly diverse and very vulnerable ecosystems) from the oil devastation. However, the volume of the oil continues to increase and, despite the support from the municipality and many local donors, our efforts, materials and funds are no longer sufficient. We are in great need of more equipment and a lot more volunteers to be able to effectively respond and clean up the petroleum that continues to wash up in greater quantities on our coastline.

This is why your support is so important right now.

If you would like to donate equipment and materials, please click this link to view everything that we need and are currently lacking. We can receive these materials on the list below at our ETIV headquarters or we can receive cash donations via ETIV PayPal that will allow us to purchase these materials, that are so important in our cleanup efforts.

Meanwhile, If you or anyone you know might be able to come to Itacaré (Bahia) and support us, we are in desperate need for more volunteers on the ground that can support our monitoring, cleanup and mangrove and river protection efforts! Please contact us if you or anyone you know might be willing to come for at least a month to support this critical and time sensitive work. Important: authorities are responsible for cleaning the larger areas or “manchas” of petroleum, while volunteers are needed to help cleanup the smaller areas and the many bits of petroleum fragments, which are already solid in form.

No donation is too small. We are extremely grateful for anything that you can donate and believe that together, we can create a stronger movement in support of environmental conservation and a healthier Planet. 


List of Materials needed:

  • Large, medium and small metal sieves

  • Wheel barrels

  • Large and small metal shovels, knives, paint scrapers and putty knives

  • Rakes

  • Squeegees

  • Sturdy buckets and containers for the collection of petroleum

  • PVC gloves (all sizes)

  • Thick Plastic bags

  • Rubber Boots

  • Fishing nets and screens (for barriers)

  • Flexible thick rope

  • Chemical absorbent mat pads or rolls

  • Buoys (Floating devices)

  • Plastic tarps , sheeting or marine vinyl 

  • Ink rollers (to stick better the small rocks of petroleum/oil)

  • Respirator Masks (to protect from inhaling chemical fumes while cleaning the petroleum)

  • A Drone (there were specifics on what kind of drones are best so we can do more monitoring)

Check the financial sheet from this Campaign here on this link.

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