Meet Deborah, our first Worldpacker!

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Hello, everyone!

Welcome 2019!

We hope you have all had amazing holidays with your family and friends!

To kick off our year, we introduce you to Deborah, the first volunteer we are hosting through the Worldpackers platform. Deborah came to Itacaré by bus all the way from Recife, a 27 hours journey, just to help us with some art wall painting throughout our Volunteer House.

Find out about her through the five questions below.

  1. Hi, Deborah! We are so happy to have you with us for a couple of days! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

    Hi! I'm so happy to be here! My name is Deborah, I'm 24 years old and I come from Recife (capital of the state of Pernambuco). I love traveling so I try to go on trips and adventures as much and as often as I can! I love reading, drawing and having interesting conversations - people say I talk too much! lol I love being outdoors and doing sports such as “altinha”, skate and yoga.

  2. What motivates you to be a volunteer?

    I have always wanted to volunteer and share my skills and abilities, and also learn from people I meet along the way. I believe that when we share, we multiply!

  3. Why ETIV?

    Itacaré has always been on my must-visit place so when I discovered ETIV do Brasil through Worldpackers I knew it was the perfect opportunity to not only see the city but also to help such an amazing organization!

  4. How's your experience with us so far?

    I could not be having a better experience!! The house is wonderful, what ETIV is offering me is great for what I've been giving them, and Bernardo, their Operations Manager, is an incredible person! Not to mention the cute pets, the other volunteers and the children they work with!

  5. What tips/advice/recommendation/suggestions would you give to someone considering ETIV for their volunteer experience?

    Come with good vibes, willingness to share and learn, and a lot of energy to discover all the beauties of Itacaré! Be prepared for the hot weather, but also for lots of delicious “brigadeiros” and “caipirinhas”! :)

Wanna be a Worldpacker and volunteer with us as well?

Please check our current positions on their website and/or apply directly through our website!


The ETIV Team