Cinema at ETIV

ETIV do Brasil - NGO - Volunteering - Brazil - South America

“The cinema has no boundary; it is a ribbon of dream”,

Orson Welles

Last Friday it was a very special day for ETIV do Brasil. As part of our holidays program of activities, we set up a cinema at our learning space and welcomed our students and their families for their very first time watching a movie on the big screen!

It was very emotional to see their happiness and excitement, their eyes wide open to not miss even one second of the film! They had popcorn, juices and even some candies!

ETIV do Brasil - NGO - Volunteering - Brazil - South America

For our first screening, we selected 5 different movies and let them decide which one they wanted to watch. They chose “Chronicles of Narnia”, and they loved it! For our next screening, however, we will choose the movie, as we want them to watch movies that are not just purely entertaining, but also films that can teach them about important values and historical events.

Please feel free to comment below with suggestions and recommendations of interesting movies, and you are also welcome to join us if you are in Itacaré. Ou idea with this initiative is also to bring our community even closer to our organization!

We believe that cinema can be a very important educational tool, teaching our children and youth about history, moral values and life in general. They can also inspire them to see the world around them through different and new perspectives, and they are also important to build empathy.

We are really excited about this project and while it began as a holiday program, it may very well be expanded and continue throughout next year, depending on the response we will have from our kids and our community in general.

All we want is to support the global development of our students and help them in their personal and social empowerment. Movies, undoubtedly, can be a key tool in this process.

The ETIV Team