The tranquil island of Taipú de Fora

Taipú de Fora, Bahia, Brazil - ETIV do Brasil Eco-Adventures

Snorkel among colourful fish at the beautiful reef and corals of Taipu de Fora!

by Holly Stanley

So you’ve booked onto the volunteer package and now you’re wondering what are the tours going to actually be like?

One thing is for sure, all of the tours are enormous fun and have allowed me to see and experience different parts of Bahia that I would not have necessarily known about. A highlight has to be the trip to the Taipú de Fora peninsular.

The peninsula located about an hour out of Itacaré certainly made us work for it during the journey! Mainly off road, the route was incredibly bumpy with plenty of pot holes and bumps. We were all thrown around inside the 4×4, however this only added to the experience! We were able to see some amazing scenery along the way too. We really felt that we were in the heart of the Atlantic rainforest, surrounded by huge canopies of emerald green trees and swamps full of mangroves.

The beach itself was a huge long swathe of white sand bordered with palm trees and a turquoise sea full of the reefs. We were all eager to go straight into the water so we quickly rented some snorkel equipment and dove straight in. The tide was low, so plenty of natural pools had formed around the reefs. It comes highly recommended that you visit during a full moon and low tide, as this is when the natural pools are at their most noticeable and beautiful. It’s also important to notice where the natural reefs and poolside before entering the water so you’re making sure as not to miss anything! Swimming through the pools, you can look out for schools of multicoloured fish swimming in and out of the reef. Having never snorkelled before I was struck by the beauty of the water and felt as though I were looking into a new world. The water is lovely and warm, giving you plenty of time to swim and explore without getting cold at all.

Up the road away from the beach hotspot, you can find plenty of little family run cafes and restaurants offering some traditional Bahian food as well as fresh seafood and fish. We settled on a delicious chicken and cheese pasteis. You can also buy some of the most delicious Bahian chocolate for dessert.

Back on the beach, if you pass by the hub of snorkel rental, you reach a beautifully secluded part of the beach surrounded by craggy rocks and palm trees, with hardly a person in sight it really is the perfect spot for a post swim nap.

Driving back, we were able to stop at a view point of where the rainforest meets the sea, truly stunning and a surprise I won’t ruin with a photo. The drive home was equally beautiful, with the evening sun setting over the trees and producing a lovely warm glow.

This was a fantastic trip and one I highly recommend all the volunteers to do!