The easy going nightlife of Itacaré

Forró in Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil

Experience a laidback party culture every night of the week!

by Tarin Clothier

Monday Forro Night at Marley’s

If you love dancing, samba music and cute garden setups, Forro night at Marley’s on a Monday night is the place. Can’t dance Forro? Don’t worry, there are plenty of keen Brazilians that will help you to learn the basics. If it’s not for you can sit back and enjoy the music and mingle as there is a great mix of locals and tourists creating a perfect authentic and social atmosphere.

Tuesday Jam Night at Marley’s

Marley’s really is your start of the week party spot. If you aren’t keen for two nights in a row, then Tuesday night is definitely the better option for a more lively scene. Arrive at 9:30pm and you will have the place to yourself, but give it 30 minutes to an hour and the place will be pumping and caiprihinas flowing! Just don’t leave it too late as the night wraps up usually by about 1am! Musically gifted? Get up and sing or play a tune or two. The regulars will happily provide you with a guitar or support you with the some back up music. The crowd is again very mixed so songs in English or Spanish go down a treat! Met some cool people but forgot their names? You are guaranteed to run into everyone you have met so far, which makes it a great, social evening and some extra motivation to be overly friendly!

Wednesday Movie Night at Casarao Amarelo

Make sure you aren’t late to this one as it is one of the few things in Itacare that starts dead on time. The closest you will get to a cinema in Itacare. Set in the yellow mansion on the orla, get comfy in a plastic chair in front of the big screen and enjoy some popcorn and beer! Most of the movies are independent films usually from the U.S and shown in English with Portuguese subtitles (that usually are very poorly translated). Check out what movie is being screened in the Casarao Amarelo Facebook or leave it a surprise!

Thursday Jam Night at Bananas

There is seriously something special about the atmosphere at this cosy hostel on a Thursday night. Again, this hostel goes from quiet to busy in the space of 20 minutes, so arrive early to enjoy some pool or come late when the party is pumping. The party doesn’t stop until about 3am, so arriving later still gives you plenty of time. Dance and mingle to the perfect mix of traditional and funky Brazilian tracks plus some well-known songs from around the world. Don’t be shy to get up and belt one out yourself! The crowd is very receptive to the musically gifted!

Friday Samba Night at Nuuh

Starting at 9pm (Brazilian time) outdoors on the Passarella. Come first for dinner or enjoy some drinks. It’s the perfect spot to get your groove on and test out your Samba skills. If it isn’t yet for you enjoy the tunes from the live Samba band and watch the other’s shaking there hips! Still got the moves after a few hours? Then shake your way to Pituba street and check out Jungle and Favela.

Saturday Night in Pituba Street

Saturday nights are a little less planned, with fewer set nights to attract the entire town. However, Favela and Jungles are usually a guaranteed spot to attract a crowd, from about 11pm right up until the music stops! Favela provides an awesome mix of house and dance music, while Jungle provides a more Brazilian feel with Samba and Forro vibes.

Sunday Night

After such a big week, on a Sunday night much of the town is resting. You may find something happening at Favela or Jungle or a party happening between the locals and the tourists. Marley’s is also an option for Samba or use it as an option to get some rest too ready for no doubt another crazy week.