Gabrielle Amorim Rosa - ETIV Portuguese Teacher

 Biologist and Portuguese teacher for ETIV do Brasil - Volunteer in Brazil

Born in Rio de Janeiro and daughter of humble parents, Gabrielle learned early on the importance of being resilient. Passionate about Nature, when she was only 11 she realized her destiny was to become a Biologist.

However, she quickly became aware of all the barriers and difficulties she would have to face in order to fulfill her dream, as a result of a society still structured on immense social-economic inequalities.

Having gone to public schools all her life, which generally do not offer great education, and unable to afford going to a private university, Gabrielle had to study really hard in order to pass the competitive exams that would allow her to study at a public institution. When she succeeded, her pursuit of knowledge, personal growth and social justice only got stronger.


She has participated in various student movements and projects such as setting up an alternative open cinema to the community, and she has researched the traditional knowledge of artisanal fishermen, while also taking part is diverse student exchange programs.

Following three years of traveling and researching in places such as the Cagarras Archipelago (RJ), Fernando de Noronha (PE) and Garopaba (SC), Gabrielle started her Biology Master’s degree in Ilhéus (BA), combining it with a more direct social approach through community development. She is committed to help ETIV do Brasil on its mission to promote social-environmental justice and youth development in the communities of Itacaré.