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“ETIV do Brasil” - Education Through International Volunteering in Brazil - is a non-governamental organization (NGO) and non-profit based in itacaré, bahia.

Founded in 2015, we are officially registered in brazil as a legal association (CNPJ 24.835.491/0001-59).

The acronym “etiv” sounds much like “achieve” when spoken in portuguese.

Our mission is to support development and environmental conservation in Brazil by connecting volunteers and interns with local communities.

Almost all our positions can be filled by volunteers and interns, as long as they fulfill their specific requirements. While we offer immense support to all our members, interns do receive more guidance and supervision from our staff so their work can be credited by their universities.

Both positions, however, are extremely critical to the success and sustainability of our programs, which also offer exciting leading roles where they will be able to further develop their skills and, as a result, improve their employability.

at “etiv do brasil” we are guided by the core values of empathy, respect, honesty, truth, generosity and care - for each other, the environment and every sentient being.


E N V I N R O N M E N T A L C O N S E R V A T I O N and D E V E L O P M E N T are the fundamental goals we hope to achieve through our projects.

By working closely with local communities and partners, we strive to inspire and empower a new generation of local, youth leaders who can develop innovative and collaborative answers to the social-environmental challenges they face.

Our Volunteer House is strategically located a few steps away from the beautiful “Contas River”, in the neighborhood of “Passagem” - a place where you will find plenty of resilience and camaraderie.

Internationally famous for its natural beauty, perfect waves for surfing and rich culture, Itacaré offers a unique opportunity to discover and experience the Brazilian traditions while experiencing personal, developing your career and making a positive impact.

We take an inclusive and participatory approach when planning, developing and running our projects so volunteers and interns have great room to expand and consolidate their knowledge and skills through hands-on experiences and activities.

We envision a world where people care for each other and for the environment, actively and collectively creating greater quality and opportunities for all.

Our Team


jaci braga - director

Born to an American father and a Brazilian mother, Jaci Braga has a Bachelors (BA) in Psychology and dual Masters in Social Work (MSW) and International Studies (MA). She founded ETIV do Brasil in February 2015 and has been its Director since then.

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dayami gomez - fundraising coordinator

Born in Miami, USA, to Cuban parents, Dayami has a background in Psychology and was a Senior Community Development Manager for The American Cancer Society for three years before she joined ETIV do Brasil in October 2018.


Gabrielle amorim rosa - portuguese teacher

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and daughter of humble parents, Gabrielle learned early on the importance of social resilience. She is a Biologist with a solid and extensive research and teaching experience, with a remarkable dedication to help others and the environment.


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monique dray - vice-president

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michele franco - litclub coordinator

Besides being a Teacher, a Cultural Projects Manager and Independent Arts Producer, Michele is also ETIV's LitClub Coordinator. When she is not working, she is training Capoeira and studying the Afro-Brazilian heritage in Bahia.

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janaina santos garcia - biologist and mangrove restoration specialist

Born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - Brazil, Janaina has spent most of her life in the neighborhood of Passagem, where ETIV do Brasil is located. She holds a degree in Biology, and a Masters studies on the pollution affecting mangroves - especially the ones found in Itacaré.

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bernardo salce - operations manager

Originally from Brazil, Bernardo is a Human Ecologist, Climate Reality Leader® and Documentary Photographer whose work on social-environmental justice has allowed him to live in six different countries over the past decade. He joined ETIV do Brasil as an Operations Manager in November 2018.

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ivone lucio eleoterio - litclub teacher

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Ivone has graduated both in Business Administration and Psychology, and she has been with ETIV do Brasil since our early days, helping us with all her passion and commitment towards a more just world.


rafael sousa - translator

Born and raised in Timóteo, a small town in the countryside of Minas Gerais - Brazil, Rafael is also part of our virtual team, helping us with English-Portuguese translations for a variety of projects.

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We prefer inquiries to be made via email. However, we are always available in an emergency and we do welcome our volunteers, partners and staff to contact us via phone, text, WhatsApp, and Skype.


Rua Massaranduba No. 26, Bairro Passagem, Itacaré, Bahia, 45530-000 (Head Office and Volunteer House)