About ETIV do Brasil

ETIV do Brasil links international travelers with an array of meaningful volunteer opportunities to support environmental conservation, youth development, women’s empowerment and animal welfare in Brazil.  This is an excellent opportunity for volunteers to gain hands on experience working with an international development NGO while also exploring beautiful Itacaré; where the tropical rainforest (Mata Atlántica) meets the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful jungles, beaches, waterfalls, coconut trees and wildlife abound.
Volunteers work directly with ETIV and our local communities to support projects that nurture positive social and community development. Meanwhile, we also offer Eco-adventure tours and cultural education classes that directly support both the NGO as well as sustainable/Eco-friendly economic development here in Brazil. We mainly contract with local tour guides, fishermen, businesses and teachers to offer these one of a kind opportunities.

Our stunning Eco-adventure tours include:

* Canoeing or Kayaking through lush mangroves * Rain-forest hikes to secluded beaches * Island boat tours of beautiful Camamu * Off-road tours to the coral reefs and pristine aqua blue waters of Marau * Whale watching * White water rafting * Paddle boarding * And so much more!
For full descriptions and more photos of our Eco-adventure tours, please click here.


 The cultural education we offer includes:


♦ Capoeira lessons
♦ Forro & Samba dance classes
♦  Portuguese classes and audio lessons

 Additional volunteer opportunities:

 ♦ Yoga & Surf Packages
♦ Scuba Diving & Certification
♦ Additional Capoeira, Samba & Forro Packages
To view full details and prices regarding all of the additional opportunities we have available for our volunteers, please click here.